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Designed for the evaluation of the FMB100 module, the FMD100 has a common USB A connector for easy connection with the module's control interface. It works as a USB composite device, containing both USB virtual COM and HID interface. With the USB COM port ASCII format commands can be used to control the Bluetooth profiles on the module, while the USB HID interface can be used to forward various data (check FMA100 for details) from connected Bluetooth device, such as an iPhone, to the host where the USB connector plugged into.

FMD100 also has standard 2.54mm pitch connectors for connecting to other circuits for evaluation instead of using USB. The digital IO level can also be switched between 5/3.3/1.8V with the onboard switch.

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Mobile Apps:

"GoFlooGoo" works with FMB100, FMD100 & FMA100. It sends & receives arbitrary data to & from the module or dongle's UART port or USB COM port. It can also be used to update the firmware of our products. Contact with us or our distributors to get source codes and lib of the app, modify it to start building your own App with our products.

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  • FMD100 schematics
  • FMD100 3D Model (STEP format)
  • Flairmesh Bluetooth Application Interface (BAI) Messages Reference V1.7
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