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Privacy Policy

We don't collect or store your data, period.

We physically can't. We have nowhere to store it. We don't even have a server database to store it.

Our Mobile App "FlooGPS" accesses location in the background so it can continuously send NMEA 0183 data to the connected USB BLE adapter. This is the main purpose of the App and should be an expected and required feature to the user of the App. The location data are only sent to the paired USB BLE adapter which then feeds the data into desktop navagation applications on hosts. The data won't be shared with or accessed by others.

Our Mobile App "ScanToPC" uses Google's ML Kit APIs to process images captured to retrieve text, QR and barcodes. The processing fully happens on-device and those image data doesn't leave your device. The retrieved barcodes and QR codes are only sent to the connected Bluetooth Dongle and then inputted to your host system using USB keyboard protocol.

Google's ML Kit collects the following data for diagnostics and usage analytics.