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FlooGoo FMA120

The FMA120 is a dual-mode Bluetooth 5.4 USB audio source dongle that allows users to upgrade their source devices such as phones, laptops, TVs, and various other audio equipment. It adds features like the aptX Adaptive codec and Auracastâ„¢ broadcast audio functionality. It also supports low-energy (LE) audio unicast for both music and voice, and is compatible with Bluetooth classic headsets, speakers, and earbuds.

Download the User Guide to start using your FlooGoo FMA120.

Contact us for support or any assistance with using our product.

The dongle is compatible with smartphones as well. Here's a demonstration video showcasing its functionality specifically with an iPhone.

Host Apps:

"FlooCast" is designed for configuring Flairmesh Technologies' USB audio source dongle, the FlooGoo FMA120. It empowers users to customize its settings for different operational modes, including high-quality mode for Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming, low-latency gaming mode, and the latest Bluetooth low-energy audio features, such as public audio broadcast. Additionally, it provides the ability to verify the currently employed Bluetooth audio codec during streaming and broadcasting. It also serves as a tool for firmware updates.

Download FlooCast for Windows

For Mac and Linux PCs, the app is accessible as an open-source Python application, which you can find on the following Github repository.

FlooCast on GitHub

Firmware Updates

Please refer to the README.txt in the zipped file for instructions on updating the firmware.

Note: Please download the firmware files to a local folder instead of OneDrive or other cloud-based folders. We have had customers experience update issues due to this.

V1.0.4: Use with FlooCast V1.0.8 or later versions. Added functionality to control the LED and toggle aptX Lossless on or off; Display real-time bitrate and RSSI in both aptX Adaptive and Lossless modes.

V1.0.3: Fix a cutoff issue with aptx lossless; Add support for reconnecting to a selected paired device.

V1.0.2: Add aptX Lossless encoder to A2DP.

V1.0.1: Correct LED patterns in broadcast mode.

Features: Qualcomm, Snapdragon and aptX are trademarks of Qualcomm Incorporated, registered in the United States and other countries. Auracast is a trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG Inc., USA. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.