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FlooGoo FMA120 - Samples Available Now

The FMA120 is a dual-mode Bluetooth 5.4 USB audio source dongle. It empowers users to enhance their source devices, including phones, laptops, TVs, and a diverse array of other audio equipment, by adding the cutting-edge Auracastâ„¢ broadcast audio functionality. Furthermore, it boasts support for LE Audio Unicast for both music and voice, in addition to compatibility with Bluetooth Classic HFP/A2DP headsets, speakers, and earbuds.

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Host Apps:

"FlooCast" is designed for configuring Flairmesh Technologies' USB audio source dongle, the FlooGoo FMA120. It empowers users to customize its settings for different operational modes, including high-quality mode for Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming, low-latency gaming mode, and the latest Bluetooth low-energy audio features, such as public audio broadcast. Additionally, it provides the ability to verify the currently employed Bluetooth audio codec during streaming and broadcasting. It also serves as a tool for firmware updates.

Download FlooCast for Windows

For Mac and Linux PCs, the app is accessible as an open-source Python application, which you can find on the following Github repository.

FlooCast on GitHub

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