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FlooGoo FMB100 - V5.2 Dual Mode

FMB100 is a dual-mode class 1 Bluetooth V5.2 module. It integrates all necessary components including antenna, RF filter, baseband, and profile processors into a small form factor module in plated half-holes footprint. With its multiple internal processors, it runs a full Bluetooth stack including multiple profiles such as HFP, AG, SPP, HID, OPP, and a proprietary SPP over BLE profile. It can also be used to build a broadcast network to transfer small-size data between endpoints, and each endpoint can switch between sender or receiver roles in runtime. For audio applications, it supports high-quality A2DP codecs such as aptX. Wideband SBC is supported for potential HFP/AG applications. It supports two MIC cVc which enables super noise depression performance for headset applications.

As a class 1 module, FMB100 supplies a 105dB and 110dB link budget for BLE and BT respectively, which can support more than 100 meters line-of-sight range with common mobile handsets. The maximum working range between a pair of FMB100s could reach around 300m. If more range is required, please check our FMB110.

FMB100 also supports a Flairmesh proprietary GATT-based BLE profile that works like SPP. It can be used to build a bi-directional raw data channel over BLE to iOS and Android devices. Retransmission upon error is handled automatically when using the iOS/Android lib we supply. So the user can focus on their data. With its 2M BLE PHY, it can achieve >10kBytes/s reliable(lossless) throughput from handsets to the module. We provide iOS and Android libs to help customers to integrate this capability into their apps with simple lib APIs instead of directly handling the complex OS-related BLE APIs. If latency is the most concerning factor, the lib also provides APIs to achieve even higher raw data throughputs on both mobile platforms.

The profiles on the module can be controlled by an ASCII command-based control interface, either on its UART or USB port (virtual COM on Windows/MAC/Linux without an additional driver). It can also be controlled by the connected mobile App via the BLE channel. Together with the aforementioned libs for iOS/Android, it helps customers to integrate Bluetooth functionality into their applications with minimum effort.

The module has been fully tested and qualified for the US, European and Australian/New Zealand markets.

Please check the datasheet for full technical details. We also supply Kicad V5 design lib of the schematic symbol, PCB footprint, and 3D model (STEP format). If you want to test and evaluate it before using it in your design, please check FMD100.

Check here to find a distributor of our products in your area, or contact us directly for samples.

aptX and cVc are trademarks of Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd., registered in the United States and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google LLC.
Mobile Apps:

"GoFlooGoo" works with FMB100, FMB110, FMD100 & FMA100. It sends & receives arbitrary data to & from the module or dongle's UART port or USB COM port. It can also be used to update the firmware of our products. Contact us or our distributors to get the source codes and lib of the app, and modify it to start building your own App with our products.



  • FMB100 Datasheet V1.5
  • Flairmesh Bluetooth Application Interface (BAI) Messages Reference V1.8
  • FMB100 KiCad V5 Design Lib (schematics symbol, PCB footprint and 3D model in STEP format)
  • Flairmesh OTA Firmware Upgrade Quick Guide V1.0