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FlooGoo FMA100 - Universal Clipboard
The world's first Bluetooth dongle enabling seamless copy-paste functionality between iOS devices and Windows or Linux host PCs.

Install the 'FlooPaste' app on both your iOS device and your host system, and you're all set to establish a universal pasteboard bridging these seemingly 'incompatible' operating systems. This integration will significantly enhance your efficiency when managing information in your daily tasks.

The data exchanged between your mobile phone and PC is transmitted securely over a Bluetooth connection and remains encrypted during the entire transmission process. None of your information is sent over the Internet; everything is exchanged locally. You can rest assured that your privacy is fully protected.

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Copy on iOS or Windows, paste it seamlessly on the other side. Yes, it provides you with a universal clipboard bridging these seemingly 'non-compatible' operating systems.

Download the User Guide to start using your FlooGoo FMA100.

There're other Apps can be used with the adapter.


On iOS devices, please install FlooPaste from:

Works with: iOS 14.0 or later

On Windows devices, please also install FlooPaste from:

Download FlooPaste for Windows

On Linux PCs, the App is provided as an open source Python app available at the following Github repository.

FlooPaste on GitHub


Apps to reset FMA100 if the bonded mobile device is lost or unavailable.

Mac OS 11.0 or later